16 Sep 2013
September 16, 2013

World Water Week Produces 2013 Statement

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Participants in the Stockholm 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm have issued a statement that builds upon the progress of 2012’s Rio+20.  The statement spells out specific international goals for improving global water management.  Above all, the statement cites cooperation between scientists, policymakers, and key actors as a critical focus for the coming years.  As practical water research becomes increasingly decentralized, the importance of effective reporting and communication grows.  Transparency and increased communication, the report argues, will help scientists and policymakers craft solutions that simultaneously address limits to sustainable capacity, the needs of local communities, and ongoing business requirements.

Focus on improved inter-sector communication – on breaking communication barriers that separate businesses from each other, from scientists, and from environmental groups – will strengthen the approach to water management.  A more collaborative approach to water management increases the chances of heading off regional catastrophes, and the combined efforts of all stakeholders are much more effective when united.  This is especially important for non-traditional partnerships such as industry competitors and state/non-state actors.

Finally, sanitation was raised as a critical focus that deserves more immediate attention.  For additional information and a more complete summary of the event’s progress, visit the World Water Week website, here.