A damning report on banks’ financial support for the coal industry has been published by a consortium of NGOs.  The report details banking practices that have powered coal’s meteoric growth – and clear contradictions between lending practices and the banks’ stated environmental aims.  The banks are ranked according to their total coal-related loans and underwriting, with.. read more →

16 Sep 2013
September 16, 2013

World Water Week Produces 2013 Statement

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Participants in the Stockholm 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm have issued a statement that builds upon the progress of 2012’s Rio+20.  The statement spells out specific international goals for improving global water management.  Above all, the statement cites cooperation between scientists, policymakers, and key actors as a critical focus for the coming years.  As.. read more →

CSR Consulting was commissioned by The HeadLand Consultancy to undertake the fieldwork for a research study to assess institutional investor response to climate change. The findings indicated that for traditional fund management, climate change was seen as a longer term issue which would not fundamentally change investment behaviour until trustees demanded it or regulation required.. read more →