CSR Reporting

In 2012, CSR Consulting developed CSR Reporting, a unique and adaptive online reporting solution that facilitates organisational data collection and consolidation.  This standalone system simplifies complex processes and streamlines hierarchical data delivery in an easily-accessible online format.  If desired, it also integrates smoothly with our established consulting services.
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The scope and formatting of CSR Reporting are adaptable, and its contents tailored to client specification. Reporting modules may be focused on carbon usage, health and safety, human capital management, or any other useful metrics.  Because its interface is web-based, CSR Reporting can easily be disseminated to users anywhere in the world. Questions can be modified and translated as needed and are divided into sections that can be independently released for completion by specified users.
When desired, the system may be re-branded with your organisation’s logos.
CSR Reporting is secure and externally hosted. Period-on-period data is readily accessible for download and comparative analysis. Reporting data can be smoothly integrated into CSR Consulting’s analysis and strategy services or downloaded directly and viewed ‘raw’, in .xls format.
The system is easily tiered, with a hierarchy of user access and targeted reporting questions.  Administrators can create additional users and delegate sites or sections of a report to specified individuals for completion.
CSR Reporting‘s layout is clean, straightforward, and easy to use. Reporting questions may be formatted for data entry, text responses, or as radio buttons. Where reference to period-on-period performance helps to drive data quality, we can accommodate this within the system; data from a previous reporting period is made available via mouse-overs, and an explanation is required if newly-entered data is out of tolerance.
The application’s ease of use and flexibility allow us to design and build a unique system quickly.  In fact, a new setup can be effectively implemented within a typical reporting cycle.
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