01 Jan 2007
January 1, 2007

CSR: The re-working of an old idea?

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Charles Kaye, a CSR Consulting associate, looks at the historical basis for what we now know as CSR in an article published in the magazine of the Industry and Parliament Trust. www.ipt.org.uk  probably read more →

01 Mar 2006
March 1, 2006

The Best Way Forward

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An integrated corporate responsibility strategy improves profitability and reduces business risk; this is becoming particularly important for the hospitality industry as it faces increasing social and environmental challenges. http://www.csr-consulting.com//contacts/bad-credit-loan-quick.htm www.CatererSearch.com read more →

Challenges for the corporate sector, investors, and the Government, based on a case study in the Foodservice sector www.agafoodservice.com www.csr-consulting.com//contacts/top-quick-loan-companies.htm read more →

01 Jun 2004
June 1, 2004

Globalisation: Blessing or Curse

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Talk given by Janet Sidaway at a Lutheran Conference in Hamburg in June 2004, arguing that properly understood and managed, globalisation could be a positive stimulus for a fairer world. For further information contact: Dr. Martin Illert at St. Jakobi, Hamburg (Illert@jacobus.de) http://www.csr-consulting.com//contacts/where-to-get-a-quick-cash-loan.htm   read more →

01 Feb 2004
February 1, 2004

Taking up the CSR Challenge

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Fund managers should take more note of the investment risks associated with poor CSR and encourage sell- side analysts to include CSR assessment in their corporate assessments. www.uksip.org Benefits Include read more →